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City Scratch-off Map : Washington, D.c.

RRP $22.99

This portable scratch-off map of Washington, D.C. transforms a trip through the city into a one-of-a-kind adventure. Illustrated in full-color, the map features 30 scratch-off icons of landmarks and hot spots around town—that when uncovered, reveal fun facts and highlights at each destination.

Extended travel information on the back of the map, written by the author of bestselling City Walks decks, Christina Henry de Tessan, packs helpful navigation tips and more fascinating details that will delight first-time visitors and locals alike.

About the Author

Christina has worked in publishing for fifteen years, toiling away as both an in-house editor (Chronicle Books, Seal Press, Night + Day city guides) and a freelance writer before joining Girl Friday Productions, a boutique editorial and writing firm. On any given day, Christina may find herself editing a historical novel, generating snappy copy for a corporate website, writing a travel piece about one of her favorite cities, or doing market research for a client's book proposal. She loves all aspects of the book business--writing, editing, research, reading, and, of course, other people who share her passion for words.

Originally from San Francisco, she enjoyed stints in Seattle and Paris before finally landing in the foodie-hipster mecca of Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her husband and two energetic sons. She loves indulging in dim sum in San Francisco, dress-shopping in Brooklyn, late-night book-browsing at Powells in Portland, and doing just about anything in Paris.

Captain Dad's Treasure Map

RRP $16.99

This book is a collection of thoughts and stories, from a dad who started his adventures in parenting a little early! The message is one of love and positivity, delivered through the brutal honesty of a former angry alcoholic, to a much improved husband and father. It's funny, sad, happy, upsetting, and every other emotion one can experience while being married, and raising children. The reason behind the book is simple? Why allow others to travel down a hard path, if you can help guide them towards a better and easier one. One of happiness and fulfillment. This collection of honest, emotional life experiences has been gathered so others may avoid some of the common failures that humans make as parents, spouses, and to themselves. A treasure map is full of clues. An abstract path to untold fortunes. Let this be your treasure map in your personal journey. It's an easy to read guide, with many lessons in parenting, life, and love.

To Travel Without A Map

RRP $18.99

Life for us takes place in a world and whirl full of knowns and unknowns, answers and mysteries, beliefs and doubts, myths and rumors, the mundane and the days of storm. Each of us experiences in our way the same things --we love, we fear, we hope, we dream, we face tragedy and personal defeat, we discover joy and fulfillment. Through it all we find that life is a dance. It is, the author believes, what living is all about-trying to learn the steps to the dance. In this, K.A. Brace's first collection of poetry, To Travel Without a Map, he has tried to make some sense of those steps we must learn and to the dance.

A Traveller In War-time

RRP $27.50

This is not the British Winston Churchill. This Winston Churchill is an American novelist born in St Louis, Missouri in 1871. Both Churchills communicated with each other and because the American Churchill was the first to publish, Sir Winston Churchill published his works under the name Winston S Churchill. The American Churchill was an officer in the U S Navy. He also was a novelist, essayist, and poet. His novels written in a naturalist style often expressed his political views. In 1898 Churchill published his first novel The Celebrity. A Traveller in War-Time was written about the period Churchill spent in England and France in 1917. He speaks of the British people voluntarily reducing their food supply to help the troops and the quality of the British military. Churchill's writing makes his experiences come alive for his readers.

Scotland Road Map

RRP $17.99


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