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Travelling Unconscious ( A Suspended Animation Voyages Saga )

RRP $457.99

"In due course of time-perhaps a few million years hence-no further evidence of the star which once shone so brightly, will exist .. While millions, nay billions of other such stars shall continue to shine; in countless and unending galaxies and solar systems of the universe!However, this particular 'series of explosions' further created countless more billions of nuclear explosions; combined with greater devastating proton explosions -- within that star. It measured many times larger than our own sun existing inside our solar system.

These explosions continue till today and are not rare to find. Such celestial events occur all of a sudden and leave no trace of their origin or presence in unmapped star walks of our universe.

These explosions are also termed as highly resonating super magnetic fields.

.....Therefore people, this particular natural explosion of the now extinct star named 'double star hexagon', actually created an "Dimensional Effect."

Now, unseen, unheard and bypassing registered, chartered and mapped star walks-even undetected by computer assisted radio-light telescopic radars-such high resonating super magnetic fields occur in almost all known galaxies. Here, I state 'occur' because there exists no other justifiable terminology for expressing this sequence of solar events. My predecessors in the thirtieth century of earth time had brought in irrational theories then!

However, earth records provide direct access to their theorized papers. Audiovisual computerized data have proved very effective every now and then.

..You see, I am certain that a collapsing supernova--or a dying star whose inner core collapses totally in due course of elongated time limits-- creates certain unknown electronically induced magnetic fields. It is a star fading away to nothingness in the galaxies of our universe. Some visuals amongst extinct stars are deciphered and photographed by -now obsolete x ray machines. Our modern proton-backed batteries are capable of restructuring the entire series of events, as they must have occurred.

In modern technology, we term allied occurrences and happenings as the supernova experience. Of course, you need highly developed computers to recapture such stellar scenes! Applying conventional hi tech methods however, render us incapable in mapping such progress in stellar limits

Travel with interplanetary voyagers while they explain suspended animation methods applied for hyper deep space voyages.

Probe deeper and enrich your i.q. learning about time continuum matters and another dimensional world in an different dimensional universe!

A science fiction novella.

Book Two. Beyond Time

A Gringocua Travels Puerto Rico Guanica

RRP $12.99

The gringocua is once again on the road; this time all the way to the South East part of Puerto Rico to Guanica. Learn the history and places to see. Greg Boudonck and his beautiful boricuan wife, Maria Ruiz O'Farrill have been taking pictures and putting this series of books together. Great for educators and tourists! Collect the whole set!

Death Of A Travelling Man

RRP $19.99

It's springtime in the Highlands but storms are brewing for Hamish Macbeth. His life is going to pot. He has - horrors! - been promoted, his new boss is a dunce, and a sinister self-proclaimed gypsy and his girlfriend have parked their rusty eyesore of a van in the middle of the village.

Hamish smells trouble and as usual he's right. The doctor's drugs have gone missing. Money vanishes. And neighbours suddenly become unneighbourly. Nobody wants to talk either, so canny Hamish faces the delicate task of worming the facts out of the villagers.

In the process he uncovers a story so bizarre that neither he nor the locals may ever be able to forget it...


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Cairns North Queensland Travel Holiday
Travel Map Cottage Aboriginal Native

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Cairns North Queensland Travel Holiday
Travel Map Cottage Aboriginal Native

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