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Non-native Sources For The Scandinavian Kings' Sagas

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Traditional scholarship on the kings' sagas has tended to focus on the textual histories and interrelationships between the various twelfth- and thirteenth-century Scandinavian manuscripts. Thus previous scholars have striven to ascertain chronology, dating, and potential literary borrowings between the various native medieval manuscripts without considering the possibility of foreign textual influences on native literary traditions. Non-Native Sources for the Scandinavian Kings' Sagas prompts scholars to look beyond the borders of medieval Scandinavia in the attempt to account for seemingly inexplicable literary motifs and historical accounts.

Native Peoples Of North America: Volume 2

RRP $272.99

From the earliest traces of first arrivals to the present, the Native peoples of North America represent a diverse and colorful array of cultures. From Central America to Canada, from recent archaeological discoveries to accounts of current controversies, this comprehensive study uses both traditional story telling and a powerful narrative to bring history to life. Johansen provides a critical narrative of European-American westward expansion through use of Native American voices, including compelling personal sketches of key figures such as: Tecumseh, alliance builder in the Ohio Valley; Chief Joseph the Younger, leader of the Nez Perce "long march"; and Susette LaFlesche, an Omaha Indian who reported on the Wounded Knee massacre for the Omaha-Herald. This account provides an uncommonly rich description of the material and intellectual ways in which Native American cultures have influenced the life and institutions of people across the globe, from medicine such as aspirin to foods like corn and squash to democratic ideas. It utilizes portrayals of select incidents, such as the Wounded Knee massacre and the impact of small pox, to reveal deep layers of meaning about the frontier experience in American history. A wide array of contemporary controversies, such as gambling interests, sports mascots, and sovereignty issues, are also included.

Thomas Hardy's The Return Of The Native

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The book is a critical edition of Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native is an authoritative text with critical essays covering a wide range of topics catering to the needs of both the students and the scholars of Thomas Hardy. The edition features illustrations to the text, which were published when the novel was first serialised in a periodical. The essays included in the book cover topics like the language of Thomas Hardy, Folklore in the novel, the novel as a 'Novel of Character and Environment' and the novel as a tragedy. It also includes some contemporary reviews of the novel and a study on Hardy and his Age. Although the book is targeted primarily at the students of English Literature, the approach to the critical appraisal is comprehensive and can be appreciated by the general readers as well.


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Cairns North Queensland Travel Holiday
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Cairns North Queensland Travel Holiday
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